Outstanding Ways for Improving Website’s Google Ranking

It could be very beneficial for your business and brand, if your website ranking is good in search engine. There could be many methods that are used to determine the position of website by Google search engine. However, their exact method is hidden i.e. used for displaying the web pages in the search results. But, there is another formula that you can do to improve the ranking of your site and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Well! Questions that may arise in your mind are, “What is Search Engine Optimization?” “How can we do it?”  “Why is Page Ranking so important?”

The answer of these questions is here!

SEO is the best approach that you can utilize for improving your website ranking with its various techniques. If ranking of your web page is good and you find it at the first place in search engine results, your business or brand promotion will also be good.

By doing this you can connect to more people through social media sites and can get more traffic on your page.

Look for following tips that can be used for the improvement of website ranking:

Publish Unique Content

Most important thing is to create unique and quality content for your site. There can be no substitute for a great content and specifically and should be update on a regular basis. Fresh content may attract other webmasters to link your website that will increase the traffic on your site.

 Use Heading Tags

It is very important to give a descriptive name to your page with <title> attribute. Google often displays search results as a link using the title of webpage. So, basically you need to take care of H1, H2, H3 title tags and H1 can be used as Web page’s title tag so write it as you want it to be read. Title tag is the most important and also responsible for displaying page titles at the top of browser window.

Make Use of Alt Tags

Always use alt tags or alternate text descriptions for describing your image and video. This allows search engine to locate your page, which is very vital, specifically for those who use text-only browsers.

Build Links with Other Websites

Visibility of your website can be improved by exchanging text links with other relevant sites. Links of your website with other websites is also a main factor that Google looks to determine the visibility of your site. Rather than saying, “click here to know more about SEO”, you should create a hyperlink like “read more about SEO”.

Social Networking

Connecting to more people through social networking sites can be an effective way to get more traffic on your webpage. So, you should create a unique content which is social media friendly and also use some nice images or relevant tittles to attract more people on your page.

If you really want to improve the visibility of your website in search engine results, you should care for these things.

Written By: Nandini


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  1. Great post, useful ways shared for improving website google ranking, thanks for sharing.


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