Voyage to India: Explore these 4 Places from Four Different Corners!

“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” – Andre Gide

Traveling is soul-soothing, something that adds to the positivity and peace in your life, making you richer day by day. With each new place that you explore, there is something special that keeps on adding to the experiences of your life. In all, traveling to new places is simply amazing. And, when it is to a country like INDIA, the fun and adventure doubles.

India will always make you experience that medley of people, cultures, religions, and adventures. No matter which place you choose to explore, there will always be something new and exciting that you will get to witness here.

Right from the glimpse of those mightiest mountains to rustic roads, everything is extraordinary here. So, if you were thinking about exploring one of these exotic places here, why not give a try to these top 5 places, which will soothe the every bit of you?

So, let’s begin the adventure here!

  1. Road Trip: From Manali to Leh (North India)

The Mecca of all road trips here in India, this is something that will pleasure up your soul with adventure, fun, excitement, and peace. This highway (Manali-Leh) has been the dearest of al, when it comes to enjoying the road trips on bikes and jeep safaris.

Just take out our beloved bikes and let the ride begin, uncovering all those rocky paths, , vivacious villages, dusty air, and clear skies. So, all you need to do is gear up yourself for some adventure and hit the road.

Let your bike or jeep safari take you to nature and simplicity!


  1. Go Goa (West India)

Sheer fun and leisure, well, this is what Goa is going to give you. With its glowing beauty of the beaches, astounding late night parties, and exotic views, you will probably want to stay here forever. And, how can we forget all those thrilling activities and romantic getaways, which will make your trip to Goa simply incredible.

Don’t forget to head to those shacks to taste those luscious cuisines and a chilled drink to beat the heat in summers.

So, no matter what, this place is worth checking out every time you pay a visit to this country.


  1. Goecha La Trek (East India)

Mountains are calling you, explore! You might have heard pro-travelers saying this to you, every time you talk about Himalayas. Tucked away steadily in Sikkim, Goecha La Trek is a destination that every traveler must visit at least once, when exploring India. You can simply get soaked in the stunning beauty and simplicity of this region, making yourself calm and peaceful like never before.

You will probably experience here some of the best scenes loaded with fascinating blossoms and extraordinarily gorgeous glades and woods. Adding to this, the Rathong Chu River is what adds to the beauty of this place.

So, hey trekkers, go ahead, and enjoy the nature today!

6. Goecha La Trek in Sikkim

  1. Yercaud ( South India)

Tucked away from the eyes of all the wanderers, this place is nestled in the lap of greenery. Let loose yourself in this majestic land and slowly proceed with the valley. The gentle sprinkle and tickle of raindrops, dropping on your face will make your soul soothe like never before.


Now, what’s the surprising element here is the Emerald Lake, which will help you forget all your worries and give your soul, mind, and body the peace you always wanted.

Written By : Neha Bhardwaj



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